R-generator terms of use

By using the Generator and the created R-Logo, you agree not to use the R-Logo in a manner that damages the reputation of the City of Rovaniemi or in a discriminatory, xenophobic, sexist, biased, political, racist, violent, radical or unconstitutional manner. The City of Rovaniemi and the City of Rovaniemi Communications Unit grant you free but limited access to the R logo. The license is for private use only. The R logo is intended for use in private communications only, including use on social media, websites, or postings. In addition, the created R logo can be used to design your own clothes, paintings or everyday objects that are not intended for sale / resale.

The user is not entitled to transfer the R logos or their obligations to third parties. However, this precludes the granting of rights to the City of Rovaniemi.

If the user violates this agreement or the obligations arising from it, the City of Rovaniemi may, if necessary, demand compensation / damages from the user. With respect to the content of this agreement, the City of Rovaniemi shall not be liable in any way for any direct, indirect or special damages, reimbursement of costs incurred in the performance of the agreement, consequential damages, punitive damages or other damages resulting from the agreement or use.

The user declares that he has all the necessary rights to use the R logo, that the photographs do not include the rights of third parties and that the subject’s privacy has not been infringed when photographed. However, if third parties make demands for infringement of their rights, the user indemnifies the City of Rovaniemi of all claims made by third parties from the date of the request.

By using and accepting the terms of use, the user grants the City of Rovaniemi the rights to use the created images in the communications and marketing of the City of Rovaniemi.