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Outcomes from the surveys

The opinions of townspeople and those genuinely interested in Rovaniemi are very important. Surveys, studies and interviews provide valuable fundamental information and guide tasks for clarifying city communications, and for designing a new and coherent visual image for the city.

On this page, you can have a look at the results. The first survey resulted in 1515 answers and the second survey resulted in 183 answers by inhabitants and people interested in Rovaniemi.

Julkaistu: 05.12.2019

What kind of opportunities to have an influence should the townspeople and those interested in the town have?

From the icon that i have right now, as a member of the facebook community “Rovaniemen Kaupunki” is that the communication with the residents is at a good level. The announcements i think is important to be written on English too. I think that an application for smartphones which offers to citizens the choice to inform the city administration for any troubles that the see is important.

Julkaistu: 05.12.2019

In your opinion, what success stories or significant deeds should Rovaniemi highlight when enhancing the attractiveness of the town?

Outdoor recreation for inhabitants of all ages, education.”

Julkaistu: 05.12.2019

Is there something You could do to improve Rovaniemi? What kind of support would You need?

Engage in trash clean up activities, organize neighborhood parties, sharing events, voluntary work.

Julkaistu: 05.12.2019

What expertise, experiences or character of Rovaniemi remain “hidden”?

I think the presentation of Lapland’s traditional culture – Sami way of life- and the modern form of fun of young people -nightlife- is hidden. Also hidden is the “sisu”. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and as is must be publish all the ways of life natural traditional and modern.”

Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

What do you feel affects the image of Rovaniemi the most?

  1. Positive future outlooks in respect to jobs and city development projects 23 %
  2. A wide-ranging collection of specialised stores, services, restaurants 18 %
  3. Local success stories, celebrities and sports organisations that represent the city through activity 12 % 
  4. Well-maintained and safe roads, with park areas and public spaces 11 %
  5. Decision making in the city, its functioning and reliability 10 %
  6. Comprehensive and high-quality public services 6 %
  7. Visual and graphic image 5 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

Are you satisfied with Rovaniemi’s current image and brand?

  1. Yes 34 % 
  2. I don’t know what Rovaniemi’s image and brand are. 30 %
  3. No 21 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

A person from Rovaniemi is usually…

  1. Helpful and productive 27 %
  2. Harmless and ordinary 26 %
  3. Slightly insensitive and introverted 12 %
  4. Stubborn and determined 10 %
  5. Proud and courageous 7 %
  6. Optimistic and enthusiastic 4 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

What’s been said #2

“Taking a more open approach to housing / neighbourhood development. Additional development of a more year-round economy needs to be done.”

“Emphasize the development of the creative sector. Promote local culture, art and creative tourism. We need a place for culture experiments.”

Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

What’s been said #1

“There’s a lot of room for modernisation, but don’t let it cost the town its history or its qualities.”

“Being the hometown of Santa Claus is cool and all, but maybe we shouldn’t rely only on that.”

Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

What do you tell about Rovaniemi to your friends or people interested in the city?

  1. Beautiful nature can be seen everywhere in Rovaniemi. 41 % 
  2. Rovaniemi is a nice and pretty little town where you can feel you are part of Lapland. 26 %
  3. I love Rovaniemi, but there are very few opportunities to build a future for oneself. 15 %
  4. You can build a good life for yourself in Rovaniemi, become employed and progress your career towards your goals. 9 %
  5. Rovaniemi has a good and youthful activity that is captivating. 7 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

What is THE factor that makes Rovaniemi differ from other cities in Finland and abroad?

  1. Nature that starts as soon as you step outside your back door 51 %
  2. Santa Claus / Father Christmas 32 %
  3. Wide-ranging and exotic cultural offerings 6 %
  4. Unconventional people 5 %
  5. Energetic village communities 3 %
  6. A pleasant and original town centre 3 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

What colour do you think best depicts Rovaniemi?

  1. Blue 34 %
  2. Green 24 %
  3. Red 12 %
  4. Brown 9 % 
  5. Black and white 9 %
  6. Yellow 7 %
  7. Violet 4 % 
  8. Pink 2 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

Do you think that the history of Rovaniemi and its distinctive local way of life should be more visible in the townscape, public communications and image?

  1. Of course! 92 %
  2. No! 8 %
Julkaistu: 01.11.2019

In your opinion, what makes Rovaniemi special?

  1. Arctic and close to nature 69 %
  2. A compact city with small town qualities 27 %
  3. International, open and modern 22 %
  4. Safe and friendly for children and families 21 %
  5. Fragmented, distinctive, but somewhat ugly 18 %
  6. Quiet, grey and carefree 7 % 
  7. Stylish, sophisticated, attractive 2 %

Would you like to receive more information about the project or the city’s communications?

A successful and interesting city brand is a joint experience shared among inhabitants, enterprises and city visitors – the feeling of an Arctic capital that is full of life, functional and unified.

If you would like to receive more information about the project, please contact the City’s communications unit that is responsible for the implementation and coordination of Rovaniemi’s communications and city marketing.