At its best, remote working encourages a new and brighter way of thinking. In new surroundings, working takes on a fresh new rhythm and an unfamiliar location inspires spontaneity. Personal well-being, freedom, new contacts and the magic of the north are key elements of remote working in Rovaniemi.


A breath of fresh air in Rovaniemi?

The location of a remote workplace has a significant impact on productivity and building personal resilience at work. Rovaniemi offers the opportunity to enjoy life after work, whether you prefer the bustle of a town or the soothing effects of nature.

Our aim in Rovaniemi is to be Finland’s best place to work remotely. It is my pleasure to invite you to experience remote working in Rovaniemi and become inspired by the northern rhythm of life.

– Jukka Kujala, Business and Development Director

Remote working brings flexibility to working life

With digitalisation, recommendations to work remotely and changes in working culture, remote working has increased and become a permanent part of everyday working life.

One of the best things about remote working, is that you don’t just have to do it from home. A change of scenery lifts the spirits and gives space for new thoughts. In an interesting, stimulating environment, working can provide inspiration for your work and leisure time in a completely new way. 

In a new town, your contact network also expands. New types of collaboration, ideas and partnerships can be formed by making one simple decision.



1. In Rovaniemi you can experience the magic of the North, Arctic expertise and hospitality in the same package.

2. High quality and diverse accommodation from urban homes and hotels to cabins and luxury villas, offer something for every budget.

3. Rovaniemi is well connected, by plane, train and road.

4. Rovaniemi is the home of Arctic expertise. Making the most of the northern perspective and ingenuity is easy.

5. If you wish, you can go completely incognito.

6. Great leisure opportunities are available right on your doorstep: nature is everywhere and the city’s lively food and culture offerings are top notch.

7. Whatever time of year you visit, the arctic capital offers distinctive variations in the seasons, each of which offer a wealth of recreational opportunities.

8. Relatively short distances from large fells and the northernmost parts of Europe offer a whole new world of possibilities.

9. Northern magic can be more than just peaceful nature and mystical natural phenomena; it’s a completely different rhythm of life and attitude, which allows you to live the good life for a day, a week, a month or even a lifetime.


Business Rovaniemi will be your guide during your remote working trip

Get in touch with Pia Jokela and plan your dream remote working trip to Rovaniemi. We offer help and support to companies as well as individuals, who are looking for new and modern ways of doing meaningful work.

Pia Jokela
Communications Officer, City of Rovaniemi

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