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Rovaniemi city
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Rovaniemi has changed over the past few years. The city continues to be the driving force for growth in the northern region: vibrant, humane, reliable and safe. Rovaniemi is an attractive, creative and cohesive city that needs a solid identity.

What is it all about?

The Rovaniemi brand is formed by the people living in and visiting the city and their experiences. It is also formed from services, buildings, culture and the possibility to get things done. Rovaniemi is not a theme park – life goes on here in the same way as cities elsewhere. This is why the city brand shall strengthen the solidarity of the townspeople, clarify services, support investments and attract visitors to experience the city with all their senses.



The purpose of the renewal of the Rovaniemi city brand is to find interesting, sustainable and genuine perspectives for improving the reputation of the city. We want to tell about the city more effectively, more attractively, and above all, coherently – so we are creating a golden thread for the city brand.



The aim is to increase the visibility and attractiveness of Rovaniemi, and to strengthen the city’s position in the competition for new inhabitants, competent people and business investments. The new brand has been created together with the city employees, inhabitants, entrepreneurs, tourists and other stakeholders.



The Next.Rovaniemi project is implemented with the city in cooperation with Flatlight Creative House.


Would you like to receive more information about the project or the city’s communications?

A successful and interesting city brand is a joint experience shared among inhabitants, enterprises and city visitors – the feeling of an Arctic capital that is full of life, functional and unified.

If you would like to receive more information about the project, please contact the City’s communications unit that is responsible for the implementation and coordination of Rovaniemi’s communications and city marketing.