Brand task survey for the City of Rovaniemi, prize draw privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. Controller and name of register
Communications services of the City of Rovaniemi, survey register

2. Person and/or contact responsible for matters related to the register
Riikka Heikkilä /
Head of Communications for the City of Rovaniemi,
P.O. Box 8216, FI-96101 Rovaniemi

3. Purpose for processing personal data
Personal data relating to the people participating in the brand work survey of the City of Rovaniemi is processed for the purpose of delivering the prize of the prize draw.

4. Information held in the register
The register contains the email addresses of people participating in the prize draw. Personal data, i.e. email addresses, are voluntarily collected from the people taking part in the survey, i.e. the participant provide their email addresses themselves. Email information is held in the register temporarily for organising the prize draw. This information is used for conducting the prize draw, informing the winner, and for the possible delivery of the prize.

5. Information processor
Flatlight Creative Oy
Data is processed by Flatlight Creative Oy and the information shall only be used for the purpose of the brand work prize draw for the City of Rovaniemi. Information is not given to any third party.

6. Disclosure of information
Information pertaining to users shall not be given to any third party, with the exception of that permitted and stipulated in current legislation. Data can be transferred outside the EU and ETA in accordance with the grounds for derogation in Chapter 5, Section 23, Subsection 8 of Finland’s Personal Data Act.

7. Protection principles for the register
Protection of the register and service adheres to the measures and supplementary contractual clauses for processing data according to the EU’s standard contractual clauses (Article 26(2) of EU Directive 95/46/EC). The personal data required for the brand work survey of the City of Rovaniemi, i.e. email address, shall be saved in the Typeform system. Typeform shall not disclose information to any third party and does not use specific information. All personal data collected shall be deleted following the delivery of the prize, no later than three (3) months from awarding the prize. Typeform/Terms&Conditions/PrivacyPolicy

Would you like to receive more information about the project or the city’s communications?

A successful and interesting city brand is a joint experience shared among inhabitants, enterprises and city visitors – the feeling of an Arctic capital that is full of life, functional and unified.

If you would like to receive more information about the project, please contact the City’s communications unit that is responsible for the implementation and coordination of Rovaniemi’s communications and city marketing.