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A city for
all the senses?

Rovaniemi is a fascinating blend of small-town friendliness, laid-back attitude and safe surroundings. It is an Arctic capital, where residents live among modern services. You can sense an international atmosphere in Rovaniemi that is naturally combined with the local way of life.

True or false? We explored this together to find out.

City of Rovaniemi

What is it all about?

Rovaniemi’s city brand is being renewed. In principle, a brand equals reputation. We cannot accurately define a new reputation in advance, rather it is created and developed through concrete actions and experiences. Together we can direct the city-inspired image in the desired direction by building a useful, encouraging entirety that we can be proud of. The aim is to find a way for Rovaniemi to tell its own story – emphasising things that are regarded as being important.

City brand

What do people think about Rovaniemi?

In the first survey we got 1515 answers and in the second survey we got 183 answers, which makes the project group and the city of Rovaniemi grateful and happy: it is great to see that Rovaniemi evokes emotions and that we have gotten a broad variety of views on developing our hometown.


Rovaniemi, Arctic Capital

Rovaniemi’s new city brand is now ready. You can go and take a look at We believe that the magic of the north combined with our arctic know-how make our hometown a capital city of the Arctic.


This is how the project was implemented

Background work

The opinions of townspeople and those genuinely interested in Rovaniemi needed to be heard. Surveys, studies and interviews provided valuable fundamental information and guided tasks for clarifying city communications, and for designing a new and coherent visual image for the city.


The theme for the project was ‘multi-sensory interpretation of history and the future’, which acted as the frame of reference for the entirety. Using background work with resulting understanding and perception, a variety of alternatives for final implementation were created.

Planning and implementation

The City of Rovaniemi will get new a visual identity to be used in marketing and communications. However, this is not a final brand or reputation. They are formed by actions, experiences and stories that the work done will spark.


Which direction will Rovaniemi take?

The Rovaniemi city brand supports and improves the city’s image. The aim for the Next.Rovaniemi project is to clarify the city’s roles, goals, plans and dreams. Together with the insights received, the project will show which direction Rovaniemi should take as a city. These insights will become concrete with a revised appearance, actions and visions.


Would you like to receive more information about the project or the city’s communications?

A successful and interesting city brand is a joint experience shared among inhabitants, enterprises and city visitors – the feeling of an Arctic capital that is full of life, functional and unified.

If you would like to receive more information about the project, please contact the City’s communications unit that is responsible for the implementation and coordination of Rovaniemi’s communications and city marketing.